Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Tricks..

We have two dogs and a cat.  The cat stays outside most of the time and is very low maintenance.  Our oldest dog Bruce, is an easy going 6 year old lab mix who likes to eat and take naps.   
But then there’s Mason. Not quite two years old, he's part Husky and part God only knows what. Mason is pure bred crazy and a full-time mess, a tongue wagging terror with the energy of a hummingbird washing down speed pills with Red Bull. 
He's up at 7 every morning and stays full steam ahead until 9pm when he falls down and goes promplty to sleep, or as we say, charges.  He's eccentric, quirky, and extremely active, or as his want ad would read: full of life! Not that I've ever thought about it in my head.

But sometimes I do worry what will happen when we welcome a little one home in a few months, I’m not sure what kind of progress we can make in such a short time as I thought we would be just a little further along in the maturity department by now.
At night, he climbs into our bed and  sleeps at our feet (I know, it's our fault for letting it go on for far too long). My wife, in an effort to get him to sleep on the floor, bought him his very own dog bed, just like his brother Bruce.  But something tells me he didn't like that idea...

He is a dog that only we could love, and I suppose that's why he's still with us.  I'm not sure anyone else would put up with him.  As bad as he can be, it's hard to stay mad at him when he curls up next to me, looking up with his bright blue eyes as if to say, Man you're a sucker...

So as our life with Mason goes on, our progress slow but detectable--at least to us. My wife has taught him a few tricks and is optimistic about what the future holds. As we continue to work with him, I will continue to hope for a miracle, that his 2nd birthday brings disipline, calmness, and obedience...or at least two out of the three.




  1. Pete, I loved this and your almost 2 year old dog, sounds like almost 2 year old daughter (who also doesn't want to sleep anywhere but in our bed and specifically all over her). I am truly looking forward to reading more of what you are thinking and feeling along your journey as an expectant father too!!

  2. Thanks Janine, sometimes I do think (hope) dealing with Mason will help me when it comes time to deal with a toddler!

  3. Pete, good luck with Mason. We had an extremely hyper 160 pound German Shepard. She stayed with my parents when I ran off and got married. When I brought my then 6 month old son home to meet my parents, I wasn't sure how Mattie was going to handle it.

    We put my son down on the living room floor and Mattie promptly stepped in the middle of him. The whole house freaked out; baby screaming, my dad yanking her up and off, my mom crying, and I was laughing. It was pure pandemonium.

    After everyone calmed down, I held my son in my lap and had Mattie come over and sniff him. My dad told Mattie, "This is Terrye's puppy and YOU have to look after him." Wouldn't you know, when ever my son was in the house, she never left his side. In fact, when we had to move in with them (divorce), she took to sleeping next to his crib and if he made a noise at night, she would come and wake me up. She stuck next to him until we had to put her down at the ripe of age of 16 (my son was then 11).

    So, bottom line is, I think Mason will figure it out and probably be your baby's best buddy. Congratulations on the pending new addition to the family.

  4. Pete he is a cutie! Hang in there! It will get better!

  5. Thanks for sharing that TToombs, I've heard about dog's doing that, and I'm sure I will freak out if anything like what you describes happens, but hopefully Mason will surprise us!

  6. Thanks Audrey, I think so, he's come a long way since we brought him home, but there's still work to do!