Monday, October 22, 2012

Labor Day

Here's my vision of how it may happen:
I arrive home from work giddy after receiving a raise and a promotion. The dogs greet me at the door with wagging tails, their breath smelling of peppermint. 
The house is still sparkling clean from the maid service that mistakenly arrived yesterday and cleaned the house before realizing it was the wrong address.  Afterwards they refused payment and even offered to come back the following week as a courtesy for our inconvenience.
I begin dinner preparations for my wife, Anne, who is on her way home from yet another rewarding day of educating the future leaders of our country.   
She pulls into the driveway, I step out to meet her and notice the glow on her face radiating warmth into the cold January night.  I help her with her things, kissing her on her rosy cheek as I help her inside.
“How was your day?’  I ask, genuinely interested.
“Delightful dear, the children took turns massaging my feet as we went over lessons.”  She answers, cheery as ever.
“Tonight’s the night, January 30th.  How are you feeling?”
“Surprisingly well, you know, I was thinking, why don’t I give you a back massage tonight, you’ve been doing so much around here.”
“Only if that’s what you want honey.”
“I would love nothing more.”  She answers, the stars twinkling in her eyes.
We enjoy a delicious dinner, after which Anne and I settle in to watch Sports Center, our nightly favorite.  While watching the highlights, my wife jerks, touching her belly with a surprised look on her face.
“I think that was a contraction!”
Ever so calmly, I walk over to the packed and prepared bag near the door, confident and under control. We head to the hospital and I hold my wife’s hand, smiling as we prepare to welcome our son into the world.
“Hopefully they will have Espn on in the television in our room, so you won't miss your game afterwards.”  She says as we back out of the driveway, concerned that I might miss the basketball game.
We arrive at the hospital and 45 minutes later my wife gives birth to Simon.  He cries briefly upon entering the world, before going back to sleep.
I’ve never seen anything like it!”  The Doctor exclaims and we all laugh.  Later that night, after all is quiet, we smile at each other as we lie in bed together as a family…..and then watch the game.


  1. Enjoy your vision now. Reality will intrude soon enough. LOL

  2. I cannot wait until the baby is born and you are writing those delirious posts...hehehe.

  3. Sure, Pete, sure. And little Simon will never cry at night, never throw a toddler tantrum and never miss the school bus. LOL and lots of love, too!