Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Handy Man...

Unfortunately, my son will not be blessed with a father who's a carpenter.  I've never been exceptionally adroit (Ha, word of the day on my dictionary app) with a hammer. When it comes time to build that tree house let’s hope he isn’t looking for quality ingenuity.  I have improved out of necessity after buying a foreclosed house, but I’m never going to be the tool belt wearing handyman who builds a deck on the weekends. 

Recently, when we went to put the crib together, I took it out of the box and was relieved to see that there were only six or seven parts to be assembled.  Even I can’t screw this up, I thought.  Well….
I managed to get the thing together in record time and had a few screws left over in the process. As my wife and I took a step back to take a look, we both noticed the large sticker that said INSIDE BOTTOM.  Oops.
Eventually, under my wife's watchful eye, I was able to get everything assembled, even tossing the dog into it to make sure it was sturdy enough to hold a newborn.  I'm kidding, although now I'm starting to think it may be a good idea, I don't want my son's first night home to be a disaster due to his father's shabby craftsmanship.

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  1. My poor husband had to assemble and de-assemble our damn crib countless times!