Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Worry Wart

I’m excited as ever about my wife’s now rapidly growing mid-section as it is a constant reminder that there is in fact, a baby in there.  But as Week 18 approaches and the physical changes become more and more noticeable, I’m finding that I have developed a fear of her falling.  The slightest movement and I become on edge, looking for any obstacles or dangers lurking in her path.
As we walked our dogs yesterday, I was unable to have a conversation, constantly telling her to, Watch the steps, be careful on the hill, lookout for that rock!   As she pointed out, it seems that I’ve become a bit of a worry wart.  She’s been pregnant for four and a half months, but as her belly has grown, my instincts have kicked into high gear.
Not that she doesn't have problems of her own.  Finding clothes that still fit or shoes that are comfortable is an everyday chore. And then there is, well, other things, such as her little accident at school yesterday.  Let’s see, how did she put it; I sneezed and a little bit of pee came out.  That’s my girl…
So as we continue on and I learn about things that I never, ever thought I would learn about (urine leakage during pregnancy), I will remain as open minded as possible. We're roaming into uncharted territory in our relationship, and as we shop for belly bands, loose fitting clothes, and possibly adult diapers, I will do my best to ease my wife's discomfort when times get difficult, and fight the new instinct to jump up and run from her when she sneezes…

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