Thursday, August 2, 2012

Role Models

As I try to do my part during my wife’s pregnancy, I’ve taken to reading some of the literature that she has brought home from the doctor’s office.  I enjoy looking through the stages of our progress and what each week brings to the baby’s development.
There are also many sections for expectant fathers.  I was reading one article titled The Five Myths of fatherhood.  One in particular stood out from the rest. 
Myth 5:  You’re destined to be just like your own father.
In my case, I hope this one is true.  I have nothing but fond memories of my childhood, most of them due to my father.  We had many fun adventures (getting into some trouble involving motor scooters and park rangers along the way).
The article goes on to suggest looking to other sources of influence as well.  Teachers, coaches, friends, uncles, brothers and so on.
Considering our nines and tens little league football coach once instructed us to “Break his G@! Damn neck!” during a time out, I think I will scratch him off the list.  Sure I had some good teachers, but no role models there.  Uncles are great but their main job is to tease the little snot that is their brother or sister’s child.
For me, the best part of growing up was being at home.  I guess I was lucky, because when I was a child there was nothing more exciting than dear old dad walking through the front door.

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