Saturday, August 4, 2012

Party Animals

My wife and I always enjoyed having a few drinks out on carport on Friday nights. We would play some tunes, fire up the grill, and crack open a beer as we enjoyed the end of a long week.

So last night, as the dark clouds rolled through and it began to thunder, we headed out to enjoy the cooling temps and the sound of the rain that has been so rare this summer.

I grabbed a beer and my wife made a virgin Bloody Mary, we were going to re-live our pre-pregnancy glory days. Watching our dog play outside in the downpour, we smiled at each other, enjoying our crazy ways. Just like old times, we were partying on a Friday night. (It was 6:30)

And then it happened, at some point after finishing that first beer, I looked over at my wife, who was literally barefoot and pregnant at the moment while I sat in my chair sipping on a beer. I felt like a such a cliché.

We went inside and made dinner, as I decided against a second beer.  We ended our Friday night on the couch watching Netflix before falling asleep by 10pm. Yeah, we're as crazy as ever.

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