Sunday, August 5, 2012

Project Runaway

My wife has always loved a good project.  When one ends another begins as idle time is frowned upon in our household.  Downtime is a thing of the past, we will search Lowes and Home Depot for supplies needed for the next project on the list, and there's always something on the list. 
But now, with a baby on the way, we have a sense of urgency, and when I say we I mean her.

We need the dishwasher installed and the trim put up in the hallway, did you call your cousin? We have to paint the baby's room, and move the guest room to the office, the office to the laundry room. Did you call your friend to look at the roof? The storm damaged a few of the shingles. Let's go look at ceiling fans, and curtains. Do you think this color goes with the theme of the house?

Wait a minute, our house has a color scheme?

The worst is when one project directly leads to another.  I can often see it coming, say we just finished paintng the kitchen, my wife will get quiet as the wheels begin to turn.  Then she turns to me says something to the effect of  Now we just need a new backsplash! With that a new project has been added to the list.

In my wife's defense, I understand that we need to get a lot done while we can, but at the same time I feel that she could be very well suited as a foreman on an oil rig. She demands results and refuses to put up with my procrastinating. She has already come in twice and given me tasks to do as I type out this 350 word post.

Don't feel bad for me though, if unsupervised I would be content with boring, undecorated hallways and schemelessly (yes, I made that up) painted walls, while I squandered away my  weekends doing fun things that would get us nowhere. I need direction and she has the whip, er I mean map.

Yet I can't help to feel a tinge of fear when I hear my wife's tiny feet walk down the hall on a Saturday or Sunday morning, after her brain has had a full night to dream up another project of some sort while ruining any chance I had of being unproductive.  So enjoy your weekends, I will trying to get in good with my boss.  Speaking of which, I have spent too much time typing, here she comes....

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