Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I'm Reading.

The Man With The Gold
 As I continue my impossible quest to learn all things parental, I have tried to stay focused on reading material that will guide me as I prepare to become a father.  But it’s hard not to get sidetracked, I was recently at a local thrift store when tucked away in the corner, a book caught my eye.
As I began thumbing through the pages, I quickly surmised that I had stumbled upon a great treasure among the many discarded boxes of books. 

In my hands I held an instruction manual that could guide me through any situation that I could possibly encounter. A book so full of knowledge that it would change my life as soon as I lifted the cover and discovered its contents.  A book so...okay you get the point. I’m talking about Mr. T's autobiography, The Man With The Gold (1984 St Martin's Press).
As I read about Mr. T's humble beginnings in the projects of Chicago, I will look to his story of overcoming hardship and challenges to beat the odds and become a superstar for the ages as inspiration in my own life. 
And besides wanting my child to pity fools, there are plenty of nuggets to found.
Here's an excerpt:

That's why I love children so much.  They are so young, innocent, pure and honest, with virgin minds.  They are a very important part of my life, especially since I have a daughter myself (Lisa).  I know it is very important to talk to children while they are still young.  You see, children don't know racial hatred, prejudice, or jealousy.  All of that is taught by the parents.

Well said T, well said.

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