Monday, August 20, 2012

Old Timers...

My partying days had long become scarce before my wife’s pregnancy, but life at our house is quite subdued these days to say the least.  I’m not at the get off my lawn stage, but the other night we had a yawning contest as there was still a pink glow in the sky as the sun was setting. 

From time to time my wife makes fun of me for my old man ways.  Just the other day as I brought in the mail after work I noticed an AARP mailer with my name on it.  I shook the envelope as I wondered why in the world someone as young as me was receiving such old people mail.
I noticed a quizzical look from her.
“Let’s see…you have subscriptions to Reader’s Digest and Saturday Evening Post.   What did you expect?  Not to mention those black socks you’re wearing with your shorts right now….”
“Whatever”  I stormed off, this time acting more like an 8 year old than an old timer.  That’ll show her.
Later that same night as my wife had been long asleep on the couch, I watched Jailhouse Rock on TCM.  As I lay there on the couch, I started to think to myself, Man, Elvis has still got it…he’s still hip after all these years. I watched the entire movie and actually enjoyed it.  
As the credits rolled, I looked over at my wife and then I realized what she had said may have had a bit truth to it, I was watching black and white movies on my couch on Saturday night. All that was missing was a bag of Werthers in my lap.

So as our DVR continues to fill with shows and movies that air after 10 pm, we will enjoy our rest while we can, as we both know it will come to an abrupt end soon enough.

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