Monday, August 6, 2012

Safety First

In today’s world of helmets, padding, and boy in the bubble safety regulations, we ensure our children are safe at all times.  We take many precautions to make sure nothing goes wrong so that accidents avoided and danger is averted. 
I was born in the seventies, a vastly different time.  A time when people smoked on airplanes, made power shakes with raw eggs, and sprinkled asbestos on their cereal.  Okay that last one’s a stretch but it was certainly a different time.

As a child, I was surrounded by lead paint, we played with rusted nails, swam in creeks, and did all other kinds of things that would terrify today's parents.  When I grew up, a warning label consisted of far fewer words:  Hot!  Sharp!  Will Kill You!

But now I'm beginning to understand why parents are so cautious.  I hope that I'm not going to be one of those overprotective parents.  Is it safe?  Are you okay?  It's raining!  Hopefully I'll know where to draw the line.
My wife had a small glass of wine at our anniversary dinner and I almost had a panic attack....thinking of our baby in there, swimming in a sea of booze.  Some of the things I've read do no help to relieve my nervousness, pumping gas, car exhaust, wet paint....I may get her a hazmat suit, do they come in maternity sizes?

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