Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We're hitting the 5 month mark this week and there have been many new developments. To his own amazement, my son has found his feet.  He’s like a little monkey, tugging and pulling at his toes while his tongue peeks out of his mouth.  Oh yeah, the mouth.  This kid wants to eat anything he within reach.  My blanket?  Let me taste it.  A new toy?  Gum gum gum…   
I’m getting better at changing his little clothes, with the tiny buttons and all. Sometimes though, I get his head stuck in an outfit and panic as brief flashes of Baby Jessica come to mind as he’s stuck in there.  But all in all we’re doing okay. 
He’s definitely right handed, swatting at the mobile, he throws a mean right cross. Tub time has become splash time and the more I wipe up, the more he’s willing to splash.
But the biggest development this week is his voice.  He seems to be discovering all kinds of new sounds he can make.  At full volume. He shrieks like a banshee.  At times I’m afraid the neighbors will call the authorities.  But he’ as happy as ever, laughing and giggling as his daddy acts like a fool. (No change there)
With so much personality emerging, it makes for some real good times at the house.  He’s alert, his eyes follow us around the room, his head turns as he watches the dogs.  I mean, we have a real person on our hands….when did this happen?


  1. It's just wonderful watching every little thing they do, how they learn and how they see the world around them! (Thanks for the Twitter follow!)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Stevie, yes we are alert!