Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knocked up, New Year’s Eve, and Pee Pants.

pajamas on new years
Wow, still recovering from last night.  Things got a bit fuzzy after dark. I remember enjoying delicious homemade calzones, watching a movie, and falling asleep well before the ball ever dropped.  What a night!

The movie Knocked Up was on, and I must say, watching it with my pregnant wife gave it a completely different feel.  Instead of just another silly comedy, I found myself relating more to the baby book references, the doctor’s visits, and the conversations about pregnancy than the crude guy humor I remember enjoying so much.  And still do of course...

After the movie, we briefly tuned in for the party going on in Time’s Square, both of us thinking how lucky we were to be on the couch instead of out in the cold watching performers we would have passed on the street without a second thought.  By 10pm my wife was out, spending the waning moments of 2012 in a snoring slumber.  I didn’t fair much better, my eyes growing heavy as 11 rolled around. Adios 2012.

In the morning we woke up, and I immediately began stripping down the tree, happy to reclaim the living room that had been held hostage by the barrage of Christmas decorations since Thanksgiving. Then it was time for the dog’s run.  My wife wanted to join us and I was glad she wanted to come along, except that, well she's very pregnant, and slow. 

She waddled along admirably, and I commend her for her stubbornness stick-to-itiveness, but I tend to worry about her well being.  Not to mention the bathroom breaks.  The other day after using the bedroom bathroom, she made it as far as halfway down the hallway before stopping at the other bathroom to pee.  I was genuinely shocked as I watched it happen. 

And it's no different with the dogs.  On the trails she’ll drop trou like a woman who has long since abandoned any worries of what others may think.  When she has to go to, there's no question about when she's going.  I stand on the trails, leash in hand, bowing my head in defeat when she tells me she peed her pants just a little bit.  Pee pants, a term that is used much too frequently in our house, much more frequently than say, lingerie.


  1. I just love your blog Pete! Ah, how I remember those stop, drop, and "go" days. I am sure that your wife knows, that after the baby comes; these days still happen....All the best.


  2. Haha thanks Jennifer, hopefully less often right?