Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wow, where did that week go?

Today I went back to work armed with over 100 pictures and videos in my phone to get me through the day.  I took frequent breaks to peek at pics, showing them to anyone willing to give me the chance. This did little to quench my appetite for cuteness, but bills have to be paid. I had been enjoying my sloth bubble at home for far too long, and it's time to get back in the swing of things. 
Today was actually our son's due date, so technically I got a bonus week with him. I still can’t believe he’s finally here.  For so long I’ve been dreaming of holding him, trying to imagine what he would look like, hearing his sounds, and taking it all in. I had mentally prepared myself for fatherhood the best I knew how, but in the back of my mind I worried just how I would do when the time actually arrived. 
For all of my worrying I think I’m going to be okay.  The diaper thing?  No sweat, well there was that one change yesterday when the umbilical cord came off just as a stream of pee shot into the air, hitting the dresser and possibly his face, but overall I think I've got it.  Holding him is the most natural feeling in the world, and when he looks up at me with those bright eyes it only helps strengthen my confidence. 
I especially want to thank my in-laws.  They made the 13 hour drive down from upstate New York on a moment’s notice.  They cleaned the house, cooked dinners (no small feat if anyone knows my wife’s control issues when it comes to the kitchen), and did tons of laundry.  They also comforted me as it was nice to have experience to turn to.
I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait for the first 6 months to pass; I thought he would just be a eating/pooping/sleeping blob.  Well he may do all of those things, but he already does some things that are uniquely his own and I don’t want to miss a day of it.
I’ve only been a dad for a week so I know there is a lot to learn but, so far so good. I love being a dad, and I love having a family.  I know that times are bound to get difficult but I’m realizing that whether I knew it or not, I do have the capacity for it.  And that, along with my wonderful wife, leaves me thinking that this kid may just be okay.


  1. Pete,
    Your son is gorgeous and I'm so enjoying your posts and pictures.
    Congratulations to you and your wife again.

  2. Thanks Susan, I appreciate it!