Friday, January 11, 2013


I’m teetering, unable to pull myself up on  the cliff as my fragile grip crumbles on the ledge.  I remain still, careful.  Any movement may disrupt the delicate hold I have on my balance.  In the distance I hear a buzzing sound, faint, but growing.  I glance down, into the staggering depths below, panicking as I realize my darkest fears.  

I watch in horror as my grasp begins to slide, and I begin to relinquish any hopes of survival. The buzzing has grown to a deafening roar, grinding and sawing, it breathes warm spurts of hellish thunder on my face as it looms over me.  I have to make a choice, the end is near…until. 
My eyes snap open, I’m holding a fistful of sheet while clutching the end of the mattress.  With one foot on the floor, I catch my breath as I realize I won't be plummeting to my death.  My wife lies on top of me, breathing heavy snores into my ear.  I start to ease out of bed, ever so gently as not to wake her. I make my move to the guest room down the hall, to my sweet sleep sanctuary. Suddenly the snoring stops, I hear my wife maneuvering out of bed for her hourly bathroom visit.

"Was I snoring again?”  She asks, disoriented.
"Maybe just a little…" I answer, wiping the sweat from my brow.


  1. ROTFLMAO. Your poor wife!!!!!!!! :)

  2. At least it was only a dream...and yeah...your poor wife, haha.