Sunday, December 30, 2012


baby in car seat
Not long ago, my youtube searches consisted of a monkey drinking his own pee, talking dogs, sneezing cats with gas, and other high brow comedy routines. This morning however, I watched a car seat instructional video.  Oh how the times have changed...

This is all part of my personal growth I guess.  We’re nearing go time, and there is still much to do.  Our lives have changed drastically over the course of the pregnancy, and I’m sure parents will tell me that it is only just beginning.

Today I installed a car seat—no easy task by the way--what will tomorrow bring?  Soon, I’ll have changed my first diaper, buttoned up a onesie, and before I know it I’ll be out on the street holding on to the backseat of a bike, reluctant to let go as my son pedals away… 

There’s still some time before any of that happens, but if this pregnancy has taught me anything, it’s that pregnant women can be quite moody.  No wait, it’s that I do have what it takes to be a dad.  After fighting with the many levers and straps of the car seat, securing it in place while mumbling a few unfit for children words, I stepped back, feeling a sense of pride and responsibility.  I can already envision the back seat, littered with runaway cheerios and juice boxes, various toys, and other products of parent cars.  Picturing my wife pulling in to the driveway, sunglasses on with our little guy in the back, listening to kid tunes.  She’ll be a pretty hot mom. 

My emotions have ranged from ecstatic, to anxious, to…well ready I guess.  At week 35, it’s time to pack the bag and watch my phone, expecting the phone call that will change my life forever. 

I’ve done a lot of growing up in the past year, and I have a lot of growing yet to do.  I look forward to what the future and what it brings as a person, husband, and really soon, a father.  But what the heck, I’ve got time to watch that monkey one more time….


  1. Pete, you are indeed ready and sounds like it will be any time now. Can't wait to hear the good news. As for the car seat, I still remember us having to install that in our car for the first time. Seems like yesterday and here we are over 3 plus years later. Time flies trust me and take time to enjoy every moment (the good, the bad, the ugly)!!

  2. Thanks Janine, yes we are in the final month at last, I can only hope we are ready!

  3. This blog is like reading one of those books where you are like, "GAH I CAN"T WAIT FOR THE LABOR STORY!" The protagonist (You) are about to change. :)