Friday, December 28, 2012

Lost & Found

The other day I noticed that my wedding ring was gone.  I'm not exactly sure how I lost my wedding ring but to be honest I'm surprised I kept it this long. I knew sooner or later that I would manage.  I've notified security at work, searched the house and my truck but it hasn't turned up, and now I'm in a bit of trouble. 
As an expectant father, this has me a bit worried.  I'm really good at two things, losing stuff or breaking stuff....Hmm break the baby or lose the baby?  Not great options.  What if I lose the baby?  Well let's see, I set him down  near the produce section but then they announced that sale on beer....Seriously, if I can manage to lose a ring, that was on my finger, who’s to say I won’t lose a helpless baby?
My wife is a bit more sentimental about the whole thing.  To her, the wedding band was a symbol of our union.  It was the ring she gave to me when we said our vows and its a symbol of our love.  I plan on replacing it, my finger feels naked without it.  I keep rubbing where it used to sit.  But still, it’s just a ring, and I’ve never been fond of jewelry.  I love my wife with all my heart and cannot wait to start raising a baby boy with her; shouldn’t that be all that matters?



  1. No, I haven't lost my wedding band. Yet. I agree with you that the love you have for your wife and the excitement you feel in anticipating the baby coming are all that should matter! However, the ring matters to your wife. What about getting a replacement band and having the inside of the band engraved with something? Maybe the name of your wife and baby. Maybe the date when you married. Maybe the birthdate of your baby. Just a thought!
    Writing Pad Dad

  2. Wow, that really is a great idea Justin, and I just might use it. Thanks for the bailout!