Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Texter...

Iphone 5
The Ipone Texter
Today it occurred to me that many of my blog posts are at my pregnant wife's expense. Each week I've been throwing her under the bus for a few cheap laughs or a humorous anecdote. While she's been such a good sport, (and an excellent source of material I would add), that it never crossed my mind that what I consider light-hearted humor, could be interpreted as mean spirited or lacking respect.  So from here on out, I will no longer make fun of my wife's hilarious but unintentional behavior at home.

Okay, well maybe just one last time.  At lunch with family today she referred to my cousin's phone as a texter.  The texter, my wife is only 32, this sounds like something your grandmother woud say. I can just see the Iphone 5 commercials announcing this great feature.  Hurry and get the Iphone 5 texter now!  The Iphone emailer coming soon! Some of this stuff is just too good to pass up.

On the way home I brought up the texter thing and she mentioned to me that she had decided to start her own blog.  She's going to detail my odd and often neurotic behavior for the world--or the 5 people that read my blog--to see. This would be quite the accomplishment, as she is about as tech savvy as our cat, who accidentally changes font sizes walking on the keyboard.  So in the next few weeks, if you come across some sort of mymoronhusbandisanidiot blog, enjoy it, and be sure to alert your friends on your texters! 

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