Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion Dense

You can't teach this...
I can only hope that I will pass on my spectacular fashion sense to my child. I have always been known for having a keen eye for prevailing trends when it comes to dress, and I would like to pass this on as my father did for me.

Shopping at the Goodwill, I find the latest gently worn khakis that make great cut off shorts, as well as T-shirts announcing all sorts of odd events ranging from family reunions to fund raisers for schools I have never heard of.  I've even been stopped and asked about events on the back of my shirts, shrugging as I walk away, unaware of just what that crazy person was talking about.

Sure, my wife makes me buy clothes in actual stores from time to time, but at home while cutting the lawn or walking the dogs, it is all me.  This is when I’m free to dress myself with reckless abandon, black or blue socks with shorts, along with that paint splattered T-shirt my wife keeps trying to toss out behind my back.  Weekends mean yard work, and it becomes a one-man fashion show as I head out in my thrift store best to tackle the chores of the day, you’re welcome neighbors.

If we have a girl, I’m sure my wife’s influence will guide her along safely.  A boy?  Well he will have big shoes to fill, as I come from a long line of dapper men who know all about proper yard work attire.

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