Monday, July 23, 2012


Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about men with pregnant wives gaining sympathy weight.  There have been many articles published about this phenomenon, which actually isn’t very difficult to comprehend.  If there is food in the house, we are going to eat it.
I started to contemplate this theory, and relate it to everything.  Perhaps I’ve been tired lately due to sympathy.  Lazy, sympathy as well, mood swings?  Ditto.  How much can I get away with here?  I think I’ll call into work tomorrow due to my sympathetic irritable pms-like symptoms.  This may be pushing it.
But back to this sympathy weight thing, I’ve been wondering just what is my role in this pregnancy, besides of course, what I’ve already done.  Now I’ve found a way to help, pack on a few sympathetic pounds!  This way my wife can look over at her fat husband and think to herself….yep that’s my guy, the father of my child, dipping his pizza crust into the mayonnaise jar.
While I’m at it, perhaps I can go the extra mile and quit showering and walk around the house in my boxers.  Chalk it up to sympathy smell.  For my spare tire, I will have to drink lots of beer, but then I may suffer from the occasional sympathy hangover.  My hangovers may contribute to my bad mood, and also my sympathy headaches, until I get the much needed sympathy sleep.  I’m sure my wife would appreciate my efforts, but I think that I’ll just ask what I can do to help.

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