Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mason and the couch


My wife recently informed me that she refused to be pregnant on our old couch.  I joked that she could be pregnant in the kitchen and almost got my head taken off in the process.  So of course we bought a new couch.  Our thinking was that she would be home this summer and supervise our highly energetic and at times destructive puppy, Mason.  After two setbacks, the couch that we purchased in early June, will—barring yet another setback---arrive tomorrow.
To say our old couch needs to be replaced is an understatement, we are almost too embarrassed to put it out on the curb.  Let's see, there's the exposed foam, multiple rips, tears, and worn spots that may have been on the cushions since the late eighties.  A tattered couch cover does little to hide hideous object that we use to sit on.

With two dogs it can be difficult to keep anything clean.  But I have many great memories that go along with that old couch.  What can I say?  I'm a sentimental guy.....I’ve spent many a Saturday watching football on that sucker.
So as we start the second trimester with a new couch we begin the waiting game.  How long until Mason chews it up?   I think (pray) Mason's past that stage but I’ll definitely be holding my breath for a while.

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