Friday, July 13, 2012

In Your Dreams...

So my wife has become quite the dreamer.  If I remember correctly, last night’s dream involved a Mexican drug cartel and Doritos.  Now tell me that doesn't sound like the recipe for a blockbuster movie.  

The best part was when she woke up asking me just who is Sheila?  I don’t know honey, you made her up in that very realistic dream of yours.  Apparently Sheila and I were confiding in each other while my pregnant wife was being abducted south of the border...and so the plot thickens.  

Other dreams have included me doing a less than spectacular job changing baby's diapers, which in my defense would be rather difficult considering the baby is only 11 weeks old.  I'm scared to imagine the dreams she has not told me about...

To Sheila, whoever you are, it just wasn't meant to be.  I don't need this extra drama in my life right now, have a nice life, I've got to go find some Doritos or I'll have some questions to answer.

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