Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Change

The other night my wife's best friend and her two kids came over for a birthday dinner. I've noticed that I seem to pay much closer attention to children these days. It used to be that while I tolerated children at the house, I actually wished the parents would find a sitter before coming over.  But things seemed to have changed over the past few years.

The sound of kids running through the house was comforting, even the occasional fussing didn't bother me. While before I would play with a baby briefly, once the crying started it was my cue to move on.  If the diaper was heavy forget it,  I wasn't going near the monster.  I'm still not going to be changing any other kid's diaper--I'll get a crash course with my own soon enough--but I guess knowing that I will be a dad soon kind of changes my perspective.

Another thing that's going to take some getting used to is the kid shows. I can deal with a good kid's movie but these shows are brutal! I'm told you get used to it, that you sort of become immune, but I'm hoping my kid likes The Office.

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