Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thinking Time...

Okay, I’m done with this little experiment.  It was fun and all—having breakfast for dinner, wearing the same shirt for two days straight, pressing buttons on the washing machine. But I’m all done now.  I’m not cut out for this.

It’s funny because usually when things would get hectic around the house I find myself thinking how much I could get done if I had some time to think.  And now time is something I have in abundance, waaay too much time to think about things such as whether turtles have ears.  Not real productive.

Last night I had a couple old friends over.  I called the guys, stocked the fridge with beer, and took refuge on the carport to enjoy the evening’s overcast.  My first friend arrived, an old buddy with whom I go way back.  This was the guy who once poured beer into my mouth from three stories above, and continued pouring after either not seeing the police officer approaching or figuring what was the harm in completing the task.  There are many more stories, most involving beer and bad decisions, but you get the gist of it...  

We cracked open a beer (let the decision making begin) and kicked off our weekend. Not long afterwards my second buddy arrived.  A friend of mine since high school, this guy and I twice...okay a bunch of times, donned wigs and rapped through a karaoke version of Do you like Pina Coladas.  Do you like 2pac or Biggie? Because they’re not just the same… Don’t ask.

Did I mention that all of us now have kids.  God help them. 

We had a good time.  Thankfully there were no cops involved. We played music, (no karaoke) cut loose, laughed about our kids, and reminisced about the past.  But my heart wasn’t into it.  I’m a wuss these days, whatever.  After six days without my little dude it’s wearing on me. But the end is in sight. My wife will leave and should be here Monday evening.  And it’s pictures like this that are getting me through it. 

All the rain we've been getting has coincided with my gloom, although my tomatoes are looking great, red and plump and keeping me alive by the way.  

So with nothing else to do but wait maybe I'll begin to clean up.  Well, maybe tomorrow, I’m a little tired from my wild night, I was up until 11 after all...

*On a side note, I’m completely aware of just how fortunate I really am.  There are plenty of fathers who don’t have the opportunity to see their kids everyday, like our solders oversees who won’t see their children for months at a time, if not longer.  So please don't take my whining too seriously.

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