Friday, July 26, 2013

Doing The Research...

Avacodo face
Avacodo Face...
My wife has become a quick study when it comes to all things pertaining to our son.  This is impressive considering she's not the most tech savvy person in the world.  But when it comes to the little guy, she's a research analyst, scouring the bowels of Google to find studies, theories, behavioral guidelines, or other useful tools of learning. 

This from the woman who usually has anywhere from 1200-6000 emails in her inbox. Who when we met, still had her ipod touch in the box it came in because well I don’t know how that thing works…Who, for two years never figured out her voicemail and as a result it sounded like she had attached her phone to the back of a deer and smacked it on the butt.  (I finally set it up for her after her friends complained of the 60 seconds of rustling followed by a beep).
But her knowledge of child rearing is vast, encompassing findings old and new.  For instance, just the other night while making dinner, we were discussing what foods to introduce to our son, like avacodo.
“Well, a 1988 study in Good Housekeeping magazine discovered that when…..”
I whipped around to make sure I was still talking to my wife.  Not that I didn’t think she was smart, but we usually don’t cite our sources during conversation.  If we did, my footnotes would be littered with names such as The Farrelly Brothers, The Three Stooges, The Beastie Boys, and so on. 
When did she become an information center of knowledge, backed by research and studies and clinical trials?  As she continued, I made faces at my son… 
“….but was rebuked when in 1999 by a team in…”
Now, of course I usually hang on my wife’s every word, but in this case I was having trouble staying focused.  I felt like a slouch of a parent.  While I’m You Tubing talking huskies, she’s burrowing through the archives of medical journals in search of improving our son’s quality of life.
“…so you can see the pros of going that route.  You know?”
 Crap, now she’s waiting for my input, and I’ve got that baby monkey song stuck in my head. 
“Well, yeah, it certainly stands to reason.”
Silence, only the cheerful sounds of The London Bridge Is Falling Down filled the room. She knew I was full of it.  Yet she still loves me.  She can do the research for both of us.  I’ll just try to make him laugh between meals.  Research shows that that’s good too, right?

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