Friday, July 19, 2013

Ready For Football...

July is a great time for my wife. School is out, the days are long, and she has my undistracted attention. For me, July is hot and humid. A dragging and sports-less haze of a month. The Nba finals are over. I’m not a baseball guy, and I don't watch NASCAR or pro wrestling. Maybe tennis. I’m definitely not watching golf. Last year I had the Olympics, but now I'm left stuck in sporting limbo. 
But the end is near.  In a few weeks the Hall of Fame game kicks off the NFL preseason, and college football won't be far behind.  I do however, have a feeling that my football viewing will be forever changed.  I mean, with so many new developments, who has the time?
My son screams like a pterodactyl.  It’s ear piercing, rattling the glass in the windows, and could be a form of communication with aliens. I feel for the dogs, who’ve surprisingly been excellent sports about the whole thing.  He shrieks whether he is happy or upset, it makes no difference to him.  He’s quite impressed with himself, watching his face you can see the wheels turning behind those big blue eyes of his.  Wow, I can make that sound? Cool!  Not cool.  I’m waiting for a knock on the door to find a haggard and sweaty, overworked state employee holding a clip board, informing me in a polite yet authoritative tone that he/she needs to come inside so that I can answer a couple of questions.
And then of course there's the diaper changes, which are getting increasingly difficult with all of this wiggling he does.  He used to lie there like a lump and go through the motions.  He goes through plenty of motions these days, squirming and flopping like a fish in a boat.  I cannot count the times I’ve put his diaper on backwards in the middle of the night (Don’t tell Mom!). My football viewing will take a hit due to this, along with feeding times, play time, bath time, (more like splash time), and all the other times of the day.  I’m going to need plenty of time outs. 
Also to consider is the crawling stage.  We are not too far from being mobile, which I’m told is a game changer (like the forward pass!) Yes, soon I will be following this little munchkin around the house as he crawls and scampers like a third dog. And if his crawling is anything like his bouncing, well, I’d better get in shape.
So football season could very well come and go and I may never know the difference.  Maybe I’ll catch the Super Bowl, we’ll see. Not to worry, I have my priorities (and dvr), so I don’t mind missing some football to catch these new developments.  It seems like every day he does something to make me smile or laugh, and I can’t believe how blessed we are to have such a healthy (and extremely active) little guy.

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