Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today, I woke up knowing I was about to make the best descison of my life.  Family and friends were in town and things were getting hectic with all of the last minute activities.  I had few loose ends to tie up myself before I could attend a 6 o'clock wedding.  My wedding.

The week had been a hazy blur of last minute errands. The temps were in the 90's and the Yankees were complaining.  At around 4 o'clock I was on the way out with two of my groomsmen when the sky turned black.  A thick glop of rain pelted the windshield.  I held my breath.  The trees swayed, flashing white as the leaves turned upwards. And then it started.  A beast of a storm emptied itself as we drove.  Not good for an outdoor wedding...

But just as quick as it came it was gone.  As we turned onto the gravel driveway of the manor house, the clouds parted, revealing patches of blue sky with time to spare.  The weather had changed its mind. Tables and chairs were hauled out, we were getting married.

We exchanged vows right on time and had a party. It was a wonderful evening full of family and fiends, smiles and laughter.  Even my brother behaved.  My face hurt from all the laughing.  It was a magical evening, and love was in the air.  But I still owe her a honeymoon.  We almost had one last fall but then came a surprise.  A big surprise. 

Now two years later we have other things to celebrate. We have a son…and he’s already a half a year old and he’s cuter, smarter, and better than anything I even attempted at imagining he would be.  He’s amazing….she’s amazing…even our dog’s are amazing….in there own way. 

I’m a very fortunate man to have her in my life.  And I’ll try my best to remember every single day of our marriage instead of just one.  Because I take her for granted.  I forget what a special human being it takes to put up with all my crap.

These days our time together is limited.  We have quick snippets during a nap or while he sleeps in the back seat of the car.  Sometimes we get twenty minute chat on the porch or a quick exchange while preparing dinner in the kitchen.  I admit that sometimes I put our son ahead of her, it’s just the way it works at this stage.  But I want her to know that she is the greatest.  She’s the glue that keeps it all together.  I’m only pretending when I say otherwise…

So here’s to two years, and then three, and then 40.  Here’s to keeping this thing going, to growing old together.  Here's to looking back at our naivety. Here’s to rocking on the porch, looking back on our lives and wondering who in the hell are all of these strangers on our porch before being told that this is a Cracker Barrel.  Here’s to looking back with wonder and asking where the time went.  Here’s to—you know what?  I’ll just tell her all of this stuff at dinner tonight.  Thanks for listening.

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