Thursday, May 30, 2013

Product Review - My Son – 2013 Edition

For this product review, we’ll take a look at my brand new baby boy.  Without prior baby experience, I readied myself for being a dad by reading the books and listening to advice from others with children. While the advice was helpful, I found that some things I had to learn on my own, as nothing can fully prepare one for parenthood.  But I'm happy to report that after four and a half months of daily (and nightly) use, our son is getting stronger by the minute and shows no signs of wear, which is good because I have yet to find an instruction manual or any sort of warranty. 

We received our 2013 edition human a week early.  Pick up was a mess.  Labor intensive and hands on to say the least. He arrived in a whir of chaos and fluids with a boisterous wail that left both mother and father gasping for air.  But after the traumatic start, things have settled down and are normal...the new normal anyway.

The decision to have a baby is not one to be taken lightly.  Sleep, money, spare time, and at times, sanity will have to be managed in effort to survive.  And there are no returns; posting on Craigslist is frowned upon. Anyway, here are some pros and cons I have found at this stage of fatherhood.

The Pros:

  • He’s exceeded customer expectations up to this point.  We couldn’t be more pleased in terms of product reliability and satisfaction.
  • Assembly was a breeze - for me.  My wife however, had quite the time. Nearly ten months from start to finish.  Sometimes I thought the day would never come.  But my wife is a perfectionist and she did a bang up job with him.
  • Healthy and happy.  He’s adapted to the transition of life on the outside with little or no complications, which is good because when we brought him home, I had no idea what to feed him.  Luckily my wife took the reigns and it all worked out.
  • His laughter has healing effects.  Arriving home from work, I can feel the day’s problems melting away at the sound of his squealing and laughing.

The Cons
  • Can become fussy.  When he becomes tired he becomes fussy.  Hungry?  Fussy.  Gassy?  Smelly and fussy... 
  • Messy.  Opening those diapers, I often find myself mumbling No whammies, No whammies, No whammies…Mine also drools a lot.
  • He still cannot walk.  My dog was walking within days of being born.  My child?  Not even a crawl.
  • $$$$$ Very expensive –Perhaps even more so than previous models. 

Overall, our 2013 edition human is an excellent product and well worth the investment for those willing to put in the work.  Cost can be staggering, but the rewards are plentiful.  He's a life-changer, and I look forward to everyday spent with him.  In closing I would say that the greatest thing about my brand new son is his smile, there’s nothing in this world that can compare.  Two thumbs up from this reviewer.


baby simon
I highly recommend this product...


  1. lol, this post had me giggling the whole read through. Love your perspection on fatherhood.

    1. Thanks Stevie, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I loved this! Such a creative and funny post. Congratulations to you and your wife on your brand new human! He sure is a cutie. You got a good one. I have a 1999 model and a 2006. They're both holding up nicely and I can tell you they get more and more enjoyable with each passing year, though a little bit of a challenge once the product reaches the 10 year or so mark. :)

    1. Thanks Linda, looking forward to it! I'll prepare for the challenge!

  3. Ive been buying honest diapers for my baby since I discovered them when she was 3 months old. To my opinion they are the most absorbent. They almost never leak and are very thin so my baby can walk comfortably with them. The large package is also a great deal if you buy online. It saves you money and the hassle to carry the box from the store because they are delivered to your home.

  4. Haha! That's one sincere review of the best product ever.

  5. This is really good, written with humor and love, I really enjoyed. My original model is about to be turned loose on the world, the second edition is now starting the 4 year finishing process to do the same thing. Without a doubt they are the best things we have ever done. I wish you joy with you 2013 model.

    1. Thanks Mee, wow, sounds like a job well done with your products!