Monday, May 27, 2013

Strawberry Picking...

baby in stroller
We went strawberry picking on Saturday, a first for me. But I’m a family man now, so strawberry picking has replaced….whatever it is I used to do with my spare time. We arrived around noon and the lot was full.  Who knew so many people picked strawberries? I was delegated to stroller duty while my wife went to work on the picking.

Strolling about the countryside, I had to keep moving or crying ensued. I put that Chicco Caddy to the test, pushing over and through clumps of rocks and dirt as we checked out the cows and scenery...wait, that wasn't a rock..  

And then we stumbled upon the jackpot, rows of plump red strawberries just waiting to be picked.  I plucked one and took a bite, and then another.  It wasn't long before I was stuffing my face like a goblin while filling a container with the mother load.  Then Dad got in trouble.

It never occurred to me that there may have been a reason no one was in the area.  I was politely told that the section I was pillaging was off limits. With my head hung in shame, my son and I were escorted back to the public section and admonished for not paying attention.  I wiped my mouth with my hand, mumbling my apologies with a mouth full of berry…. Way to go dad. 

baby with cows


  1. lol, funny blog and GREAT pics. Around here there is a lot of blackberry picking due to all the blackberry bushes growing freely along the water canals (a lot of farming land around here). However, I'd much rather pick strawberries.

  2. Thanks Stevie, and I would be a purple mess after picking blackberries!

  3. You are a great role model of appropriate behavior while strawberry picking! Geez... can't take you anywhere! :)
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

    1. It runs in the family Justin, wait until his granddad takes him out!