Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Grown-up House...

dining room tableThe other night as my pregnant wife was watching Law & Order, I was reading a magazine on the couch, resting my hands that were aching from giving yet another wonderful foot massage, (I know, poor me).
I began to think how much things have changed.  I used to have subscriptions to magazines such as Spin and Rolling Stone, now I get The Saturday Evening Post and Reader’s Digest, (must be why I keep getting AARP mailers).  I set the magazine down and let out a deep yawn.  A commercial came on advertising a hearing aid.  When did this place become such a grown-up house? 

A few examples:
  • A few Saturday night’s ago, I fell asleep watching CSPAN. 
  • I listen to NPR on my morning commute.
  • I have a pedometer app on my phone.
  • While it's bad enough that we DVR Saturday Night Live, we often exchange baffled looks when the wierd musical guest is announced.
  • I laughed out loud last week after receiving a facebook invite to a weeknight event for a friend’s band that started at 10pm. 
Now this isn’t some self-depreciating post written to make myself sound grown up or intelligent, trust me, I’m not.  I get excited when it’s middle school week on Jeopardy.
The adultness continued as I checked the fridge: skim milk, fruit, and bottled water.  I opened the cupboards:  Triscuits, cranraisins, and gasp, wheat crackers.  How did this happen?
Part of it is due to age, but I know who is to blame for the rest.  Over the years my wife has greatly influenced my eating habits.  For instance, the other day at lunch I was at Subway when I thought to myself, Man, I wish they had feta cheese. Trust me, I’m not proud of this.
Before she came along, I sustained life on a breakfast of sausage egg and cheese biscuits and sweet tea. Lunch was eaten at whatever place was cramming the most food into a grease stained box and handed through a drive through window.  A home cooked meal was considered anything with instructions on the back of a box.  It’s a good thing I played basketball…
Anyway, the next morning as I ate my cheerios and blueberries before heading off to work, I thought about the night’s observations.  Wow, I’ve come a long way in the past few years.  I’m such a grown-up, look at this place, everything is in order, with adult themes and adult decor, I can’t wait until the baby comes and we can kid this place up a bit.  Now just where did she hide that Halloween candy?


  1. Pete, I just lol'd, because I emptied my kids' pumpkin baskets today and combined them into a huge bowl on the counter and was asked the same question that you questioned at the end by my kids and husband. Sorry, but just couldn't resist. Loved the post and trust me I could relate on being a grown-up now.

    1. Funny Janine, my wife always has to hide the sweets if she wants any!

  2. I think you will notice a huge difference when your kid is born...when they turn toddlers everything changes. You start going to McDonalds and ChickfilA a lot more often because sometimes that's the only way you can get them to eat. You will trade cspan and jeopardy for Thomas and Sesame Street. And that "weird musical guest" will be Barney. But you do end up going to bed even earlier because they start waking up at early-o-the-freakin-clock.

    1. I'm sure I'm in for a shock Aprille, that's for sure!

  3. parenting is a shock no matter how prepared you are.