Saturday, November 24, 2012

Because We're Idiots...

I wrote this over at Hubpages a while back in response to a girl who asked why her boyfriend always argued with her.  I tried my best to explain it here:
Men. Simply put, we’re idiots. And it doesn't pain me to say it because it has been proven time and time again. It is one of the true things in this world that cannot be changed. As males, most of us do not make great decisions, except of course for the decision to be with you.
Raving mad idiotSince the dawn of mankind we have been stubborn, stupid creatures. Left alone, we will eat pizza, drink beer and watch sports. That's it, and we will contently live out our days doing so. We will communicate through a series of grunts and one word answers, and never, ever, express our feelings.
A woman in our life helps us grow and become better men. As the old saying goes, behind every great man there is a great woman. And that woman is right most of the time. A guy may have a Nobel prize sitting on the mantle and yet has never won an argument with his wife.
Progress isn't easy, we will fight it as long as we are able to do so. We will kick and scream until all we have left is the argument. And then we lose that. Women are better equipped to win an argument than men. Most of them think before they speak and see the big picture beyond the next few days.  (Women will actually plan what to have for dinner, sometimes even days in advance).
When my wife and I get into an argument, I will passionately argue my case, more often than not attempting in vain to prove my point. Most of the times I will make a huge fuss and production only to find out later that she was in fact, right all along. Now I can’t just admit that I was wrong after expending so much energy fighting for my cause and what I believed was right, so I have to continue to fight, despite being once again, in the wrong.
Sometimes I will continue to argue, going on and on as I state my points and make my case. As I get on a roll, I catch fire and cannot be stopped, my voice gains strength as my confidence mounts. Finally, I look over at my wife and notice her staring at me, curious as to when I will stop having a conversation with myself. I feel foolish and childlike, I want to stomp off and out of the room. She was right.
Other times I look for a loophole, a technicality that allows me to save face. This way I don’t have to say it, you know…it, anything to keep me from saying it yet again. Didn't I just say it last week? You’re right honey. Yeah, that hurts. I was wrong once again….again!
Maybe it's in the DNA, a flaw in the Y chromosome. I've read about a woman who was born with male DNA and female parts, talk about an inner struggle. This poor woman has never won an argument with anyone.
Maybe it all started when Eve gave the I told you so look to Adam. The patented look that says, you’re an idiot. We don’t care about hand towels, paint color schemes, window dressings, or matching picture frames. We care about fourth quarter comebacks, pizza, and the lawn mower. And the dog, we care about the dog.
As for women who wonder why men continue to argue, I suggest you that you just be the bigger person and let your man have the last word. He’s probably so sick and tired of trying to argue with your logical points he’s exhausted. Let him use words such as So, or Whatever, this may be all he has left in his arsenal. Deep down he knows your right, again, just don't make hims say it...

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