Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Vacation...

macbook, coffee
I’m typing this while lounging in my pajamas at 8:45 on a Tuesday morning. I feel a hint of remorse for my wife, she has just left the house after a frantic early morning ritual of getting ready for work.   I woke up to her racket, crawling out of bed to find her rushing through her morning routine, debating which maternity shirt looked less like pajamas while hiking up the elastic waistband of her jeans.  Before my eyes had fully adjusted, she hurried off to school, leaving the house quiet and tranquil in her absence.   

As for me, I’m not sure when I’ll get dressed to actually begin my day.  At some point I will need to walk the dogs, but they seem completely content as of now, curled up sleeping peacefully in the quiet house.  After my wife left, I poured a bowl of cheerios, wearing an old pair of jogging pants and a wrinkled long sleeved shirt, running a hand through my unkempt hair.  So goes my life this week...

Due to the pregnancy, we have cancelled a trip to Jamaica along with the drive north to upstate New York for Christmas.  This left me with some unused vacation, and leaves me here, using up vacation days on this week of Thanksgiving, lounging around the house while writing blog posts and watching MadMen reruns in between jaunts with the dogs.  Yesterday, I piddled around the yard with the rake, but then I remembered.  I’m on vacation!  As an expectant father I had better enjoy this me time while I can.

I would like to say I could get used to this, but I’m already starting to—I can’t believe I’m typing this, miss work.  Not enough to go in on my own time mind you, but I miss the structure of my day.  I’m not sure I could stay home full time, not that it’s an option.  I'm sure a baby would keep me busy, but---oh, it looks like one of the dogs just woke up, time for a walk!  Life is tough for a stay at home dad...


  1. Pete, it seems so quiet and easy before that baby comes, but after having two my day has never quite been the same. I love them to pieces, but sometimes I truly miss the structure of the actual work day, too. I mean when I did work, I got to come home and leave my work all behind. Now, that is unheard of and am pretty much on all day until I go to bed.

    1. Good point Janine, I'd better enjoy this week more than I thought!

  2. Well, enjoy your vacation, Monday will come soon enough. And there's the new baby that will be coming very soon, too. Hehe. Happy Thanksgiving! :)