Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Movies with my son

Rudy movieI thought I would come up with a few movies for my son and I to enjoy when he's a little older, after all, everyone loves movie night. While I'm sure we will watch all of the pixar staples and popular kid movies, I came up with a few flicks of my own.  

Some of these are timeless classics, while others are highly inappropriate and only on the list because I can't talk my wife into sitting down and watching them with me. In any case, there are many lessons to be learned here, let’s take a look:

Right off the bat.  Movies that we can enjoy together as soon as he’s home.

Rudy (1993) – The Short: Inspirational movie that makes guys cry.  What’s not to like? Despite his size, Rudy has a dream to play football at Notre Dame and is determined to overcome countless obstacles to achieve his goal.  Favorite line: Well, you know what my dad always said, Having dream is what makes life tolerable. Life Lesson: Work hard, never give up on your dreams.

Space Jam (1996) – The Short: If I have to watch cartoons, this one will do. What’s not to like? Maybe a little cheesy at times but still, MJ and Loony Tunes?  I can deal with it.  Favorite Line: Bill Murray – It’s because I’m white, isn’t it?  MJ- No.  Larry’s white, so what?  Bill Murray – Larry’s not white, Larry’s clear. Life Lesson:  Michael Jordan could do anything he wanted in the nineties.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid (2010) –The Short: Not sure why, but I love this series.  What’s not to like?  Middle school is difficult but this humorous movie makes the best of it. Favorite Line: Dear Gregory, I’m very sorry I chased you with a booger on my finger.  Here, I put it on this paper so you can get me back. Life Lesson:  You’ll get through it, and then you’ll miss it.

A little later.  We’ll let him grow into these.

Rocky III (1982) – The Short: An over the top 80’s comeback tale.  What’s not to like?  Mr. T gives an Oscar worthy performance as Clubber Lang, Hulk Hogan is great as Thunderlips, and Apollo Creed and Rocky set aside their differences to take on Clubber Lang.  If only congress would do the same.  Favorite LineMr. Lang, what’s your prediction for the fight?  Clubber Lang, staring into the camera: Pain…Life Lesson – Take your pick.  Never give up, work together, and don’t get too big on yourself.

Dumb and Dumber (1994) – The Short:  Ones dumb, the other dumber. What’s not to like?  Jim Carey was still funny as Lloyd and Jeff Daniels holds his own as Harry.  Favorite Line:  Too many to name, I still quote this movie constantly.  Hey look The Monkeys, they were a huge influence on The Beatles.  Life Lesson: Chase your dream, chase the girl, and return what is not yours.  But try to use some common sense.

Airplane (1980) – The short: A classic slapstick must-see comedy.  What’s not to like?  One big joke, this movie is still one of the funniest of all times. Favorite lineThe Hospital, what is it?  It’s a large building with patients, but that’s not important right now!  Life lesson – Don’t eat the fish.

Back to the Future (1985) – The Short: A fish out of water story involving time travel, high school, and a family crisis. What’s not to like? Michael J Fox gives an incredible performance as the teenage Marty Mcfly, and plays a mean guitar in the process. Favorite Line: I’m sure that in 1985, plutonium is available in every corner drugstore, but in 1955, it’s a little hard to come by.  Life Lesson: Without family we wouldn’t be here!

It may be a while…

Die Hard (1988) – The Short: Good guys vs. Bad guys, a guy’s kind of movie. What’s not to like?  Bruce Willis in his prime as a chain smoking cop with a filthy mouth and a penchant for killing bad guys.  (We may have to sneak this one in while Mom's not around). Favorite Line: Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister. Life Lesson: Stay home for the holidays.

Shawshank Redemption (1994)The Short: Morgan Freeman narrates and makes jail sound like a bedtime story.  What’s not to like?  In a tale of friendship and redemption, both Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are excellent in their roles as Andy and Red.  Favorite Line: Get busy living or get busy dying.   Life Lesson:  Don’t go to jail.

Anchorman (2004) – The Short: Hilarious.  What’s not to like? Will Farrell gives perhaps his best performance as 70’s newscaster Ron Burgundy.  Favorite Line: Sweet Lincoln’s mullet. Life lesson: Women can read the news too. 

Not on my watch...

Scarface, The Exorcist, Natural Born Killers, Legally Blonde, A Clockwork Orange, The Hostel, The Omen, Kill Bill, The Amityville Horror, Sex in the City, Battlefield Earth, Death Wish, Bleeders, and many more.


  1. Pete, loved your list of movies to watch someday with your son. I will admit though be prepared for the first few years to watch the same damn show or movie over and over. We have watched Rockstar Barbie, 1,234,567,890 times now, lol!! Awesome list and post though :)

  2. Yeah, one can dream though! Thanks Janine, here's to 2billion views for you!

  3. Great list of movies! Oh, how my father loved "Vacation" with Chevy Chase. He would laugh like his sides were going to split. :D

    Like Janine, I've been subjected to a lot of the same shows over and over and over. There's a reason I can quote lines from The Carebear Movie and Freaky Friday... and it's not because they're awesome movies! :)

    1. It's definitely one of my favorites Heather! But I'm sure I have a lot of kid stuff to get through first!