Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Dinner Debates

I write mostly middle grade/young adult stuff. I've written maybe six or seven novels, anywhere from 40-90k words a piece. With each one I've improved, I hope. And one day I hope to actually write one worth reading.

In middle grade, it's best to move the parents out of the way and let the kids solve their own problems. But in this book, the parents are the problem.

I've posted The Dinner Debates over at Authonomy for review. You'll have to sign up to read it, but I'd love for anyone who has the time or likes boy books to give a read/review.

Here's the blurb:

When a Mega More Super Store plans to open up shop in the small town of East Ridge, Virginia, twelve-year-old Marcus Hawthorne has no idea that it will change the course of his summer—even his whole life. 

His father is a foreman for the construction company that lands the gig for the build. But his idealistic mother worries that the store will desecrate the little nearby cemetery known to most folks as Squabble Creek. At first, Marcus sees both sides of the history-versus-progress debate. But an eye-opening trip to the build site opens his eyes to what’s at stake. Marcus joins the cause, and along with his mother and feisty new neighbor, they form a rag-tag team of resistance. Posting flyers, pulling pranks, even taking on the mayor, soon Marcus is having the time of his life. But also feeling the pressure. His old friends think he’s lost his mind. His dad catches heat from work. The town wants their store. And with the ground breaking ceremony looming, the sacred land seems destined to be sandwiched by heavy traffic and retail. But seeing that majestic blue heron perched stoically on his father’s ripper, Marcus knows that the battle of Squabble Creek has only just begun.

Set against the backdrop of the 1992 presidential campaigns, THE DINNER DEBATES is a middle grade story of one incredible summer that changes the way one boy sees his parents, politics, and most of all, himself. 

If you're still interested, here's the link:


And yes, I know the cover is terrible, I made it myself!

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