Friday, May 15, 2015

One Of Those Weeks...

It was the axle. On my car. I broke the axle on my car. And that was good news because it’s significantly cheaper than a new transmission. I picked it up the other day and it's as good as new.

Back to that day without a car. So I hate waiting on people. And I’m not good at making plans. Add the two of them together and I ended up walking home from work.

It wasn’t bad. Four or five miles maybe. I started off thinking that as soon as my wife called I’d let her know where I was and she could pick me up. So I just kept huffing it. It was ninety degrees but there was a nice little breeze in the air, and it was a nice way to clear my head.

I’m just glad this week is hurling towards an end. Broken axles, lawn mowers…Oh and my dog’s got worms. I'm going to the vet today to take care of problem number three. Now if that isn’t just the kicker.

But what are you going to do? Just keep on getting it. The weather is nice, the car if fixed  and my kid is happy. 

Bcause what could be better than a brand new lawn mower?


  1. That looks like one heck of a beetle on the path...

  2. Those suckers are all over Central Virginia, Geoff!