Tuesday, May 12, 2015

One Of Those Days...

Every now and again a great day thrust itself upon us. And while it can be said that the days are what we make of them--that it’s all a matter of perspective--it seems to me that sometimes the morning sun beams just a little brighter, it's golden rays are a bit more promising, and the whole day seems ripe for an adventure.

Just before car grinded to a halt...
But then there is today. Where sure enough the sun is out, but only to shed light on the array of hurdles and difficulties that lay before you. Not to be a downer here, but it has not been a banner day.

Actually, I guess it all started on Mother's Day when I broke the lawn mower. Long story, but lawn mowers are relatively cheap—at least the ones I buy, (which may be part of the problem). 

But back to this morning, I was running late because my son declared it pajama day and flat out refused to get dressed. So I did what any parent would do, I bribed him. Actually it was more of a negation, one that he clearly took control of because I found myself stuffing his little toy lawn mower in the backseat.

Bad idea.

I got him situated and we were off, backing out of the driveway. But trouble came early on this ghastly depiction of a day. Simon began yanking and tugging and making a fuss about the mower in the backseat. Okay fine, I thought, out with the mower. It wasn’t exactly the safest way to travel anyway. So I stopped the car. We'd travelled maybe eighty feet, give or take, but something sprung…or popped….or groaned…or something.

The car wouldn’t move. Not forward or backward. Well, I guess it did go backward because I had to drift back to let the neighbor out of his driveway just before he plowed into us. But I guess that was our fault for being in the middle of the street with a toy lawn mower in the car.

My bad.

So I had to drift back and leave the car in the middle of the street. My kid, being a creature of habit like his dad, did not take a liking to this sudden change in the flight plan. And getting him inside I felt my shirt snag on the door.

Well this might as well be happening.

It was all happening. I called my boss to let him know I was running late. Then the tow truck guy told me it would be $80 bucks to drag my car less than a mile up the road. And now I’m just hoping I don’t need a new transmission for my car. 

But really, none of that's the biggest deal out of the whole thing…

Now for the corny conclusion to this post!

The morning was bad—even by my standards—but the worst part about it was that I was so caught up with everything happening that I forgot to say goodbye to the little dude. He probably had no idea why I’d handed him off to Mommy and then headed out to the street on the phone. I should've done a million things different. As always...

So as I hammer out this little post out on my lunch break, waiting for my phone to ring with what I’m hoping for will be good news, two things are on my mind. One, how am I going to get home from work? I'll figure out something. And two, how I can’t wait to see my little boy and hang out. Maybe we’ll even get the mower out.

Oh wait, it’s broken.

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