Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Discovery

My son has made a major discovery in his little life. And it’s one that, as a guy, I should have seen coming. That’s right, he’s found his guy parts and as it’s become the source of some serious entertainment for him while seriously hindering his waving exercises.

It all started when I was giving him a bath the other evening. We were playing along and I was doing all sorts of goofy dad stuff that I thought he was enjoying due to the giggles and smiles coming my way.  Ever the fool, I ramped up my antics, happy to be the inspiration for such joy, but I soon I realized that the whooping and hollering had little to do with me and more to do with.... WAIT A MINUTE....I whisked away the bubbles and found his chubby arm stuck down there between his legs.  Say goodbye to innocence....He’d found it and wasn’t giving it up.

Later, I began Google searching when babies find there, you know, junk. But then I thought of what the internet might round up and I quickly nixed that idea. Instead I asked a coworker. “Oh yeah, this is just the beginning,” she said with a laugh. “Wait till he really starts tugging on it. I thought Ricky was going to yank his clean off.” Now I don’t know Ricky, or his strength, but right now Simon seems to be satisfied with just knowing its there. 

Like my wife said, it’s just the beginning of a life long relationship. Next thing I know he'll be locking his door or asking why we never knock...

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  1. LOL!! Oh my god, this has me thanking the heavens that I had a girl!