Saturday, January 4, 2014


Yesterday we said goodbye to our cat Punky.  It was unexpected and way too soon. He was only a month shy of 8 years old, and always the third wheel in a house full of dogs.  I’ve never been big on cats, but for a dog person, Punky was the cat to have.

Orange Housecat
Punky The Cat
A few days ago we took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with Renal Kidney failure.  We gave him a few days, hoping and praying for a miracle, but it he never responded to treatment.  So with our options exhausted, we decided enough was enough.

I met my wife at the clinic, where I opened the door to the small office to find her in the small room kneeled over our old friend.  She looked up as I entered, her eyes brimming with tears as she stoked his chin.

“He’s purring.”
The rest was awful. It’s the worst part of owning a pet, the heartbreak of outliving them. And now our house will be a little gloomier for a while, and as I pack up his food and bowl and treats, I’ll say a prayer for our old friend.  The dogs already seem to be missing him, my wife is in tears.  I'm just glad little Simon is too young to understand.  So here’s to the only cat I’ll ever own.  He was a great one. 

Rest in peace, Punky.