Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bad Dad

Not this bad...
The other night my son fell off the bed. Well, he sort of just slid off the bed as it wasn’t made and the blankets were kind of bunched up and cushioned his fall. Okay, so now I’m a slob and a horrible dad.

After hearing all of the horror stories about babies falling you’d think that I wouldd know better. And I do. I know that it is not a smart decision to leave a baby on a bed. I got it. But it’s not like I set him down and then went to watch the game or something. Seriously, I didn’t. He was in the middle of the bed looking at the ceiling fan and I turned my back—I didn’t’ leave the room or for that matter the bed.  It was a split second, and when I turned back he was taking the plunge. I cannot adequately describe how scared I was when this happened, just thinking about it still makes me cringe.

I was lucky. He’s okay, not even a scratch. He landed on a blanket on his side, looking up at me, like, Dude, where were you on that one? And after a quick whimper he was back (and I resumed breathing), laughing and giggling. Thank God for strong bones.

But from now on I gotta keep my head in the game…

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