Friday, October 25, 2013

Guy's Night...

The dogs were barking, my son was fussing, the cat griped because I was near his treats.  Then my phone vibrated, sliding off of the table while the fire alarm shrieked from the hallway.  As I warmed my son’s dinner, he hopped in his saucer, more of a stomp really as he was a bit irritated with my ineptness.  Feed me Feed me Feed me!  I was trying to get the dirty dishes into the  dishwasher after cleaning oatmeal off of the ceiling (don’t ask), when--is that smoke?

Just another evening with Dad.

I was only trying to toast some bread so I could have a sandwich.  Just a sandwich, nothing fancy.  I was given two minutes to make sandwich and scarf sandwich.  

Welcome to Daddy Time.

Mom had parent/teacher meetings at school, so guess who was left to run the show?  If you guessed the goofy guy with the exasperated expression on his face then you would be correct.   From 5 til almost 8 I danced, sang, fed, changed, rocked, rolled, and did my best to keep our 9 month old son entertained.  I tried, but I am not Mom.

Things started off great.  I picked him up from daycare and we stopped by the school to see Mommy before her meetings.  We met other teachers and the little dude was a big hit, even pouring it on thick with that great giggle of his.

At home, we changed and played for a while, no problems there.  And then it was time for his short nap.  Short as in 6 minutes.  That’s how long he slept.  After this power nap, he woke up hungry and we headed to the kitchen for some chow.  I got some of the food in his mouth, some on his clothes, and the dogs got the rest.  But then what?  I sat on the floor and ate a turkey sandwich.  It’s not easy being Dad, let me tell you.

Truthfully, there were no fires, but it did get a bit hectic in there.  But I’m improving, everyday, without thinking I do something I couldn’t imagine doing 5 years ago.  I can multi task with the best of them now, well, sort of.  I can watch the game and my son at the same time…

And the oatmeal on the ceiling.  Well, that one’s all me, I dropped my bowl the other morning while making breakfast and well, some of it found the ceiling.  What can I say? My wife’s a lucky lady…    

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