Sunday, October 20, 2013

Baby Kong...

I’m a petty non confrontational guy.  I always have been.  Sure, there are times--usually when playing basketball, when tempers flare and hotter heads prevail. But overall, I just want to get through my day without problems...  

My son seems to take a different approach when it comes to his toys.  Things standing in his way do not deter his path.  He does not go around, he goes through, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.  Toy frogs, grasshoppers, kangaroos?  Punks jump up to get beat down...  

For example, here's a picture of a sweet, mechanical puppy dog.  It sings songs, giggles, and says things like let’s dance, or let’s play.  It also says things like, uh oh, when it is tipped over.  It’s been saying uh oh a a lot recently.  That’s because my son is a menace, and his method of operation is to make sure nothing is left standing while he's in the room.

Anything in his path will end up on its back.  That’s just how he rolls.  He’s a drooling, laughing, tongue wagging terror.  His only goal seems to be leaving toys disabled or dismantled.

Hopefully it’s just a phase.  He’s a little boy, right?  Boys like to shake things up a bit.  I mean really, really shake things up.

He’s like baby King Kong, coming to town to make sure all these cutesy talking, battery operated animals know what’s up.  Puppies get pummeled into submission, he holds no sympathy for singing giraffes on wheels.  Monkeys, lions, anyone else better keep it zipped, because his elbow is just itching for a good thrashing.  

I’m not bragging, quite the opposite really.  I mean, he's just a cute little guy, whose sweet little laugh melts away any worries I may have. Even though the other day I caught him biting his lower lip, patting his palm with his fist and kind of nodding his head as if to say, You want some of this?

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