Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monkey Business...

I think my son going to be a big fan of comedy. Or at least laughing. And let's be honest, a laughing baby is much more enjoyable than a crying baby. He’s already got loads of personality. Walking into his room in the mornings and seeing that little head pop up with a great big smile is the perfect start to my day, and I can’t help but to smile myself. When he sees his mom, and her boobs, he bounces and flails, his eyes light up and he squeals with delight. Coming home from work, I rush in to see that smile again, and from there I jump through hoops to keep this guy laughing. (Amazon is running a sweet deal on hula hoops this week...I hear).

At night I 'm like a medieval jester performing for the king. I dance and I duck, I peek and I boo. I sing and I rap, I fling and I tap, (dammit Dr. Suess!). I shake and shuffle for that smile and go all out for that laugh. I’m the hardest working man in monkey business. And it’s so worth it.

He’s a big fan of our two dogs, they keep him howling with laughter. Their licking and silliness is quite possibly the funniest thing he’s ever encountered. Well, besides maybe ceiling fans. The kid is enamored by the fans. I’m guessing most babies like ceiling fans; they go around and get their attention. But “get” doesn’t apply for our son. He becomes hypnotized, bouncing and pointing, laughing with glee. Taking the kid to the lighting and fan section at Lowes is like a trip to the amusement park. 

Let’s see, what else. Diaper changes are funny to him. But that may be because dad gags when he finds unpleasant surprises in there. And some of his toys are funny, especially when tossed into the ceiling fan. (Don’t tell mom!) He has many to choose from. Hand me down toys, large toys, small toys, he has intricate toys designed and engineered to stimulate our baby’s development. He has toys designed to enhance his intelligence. But as much as he likes his toys, they can only entertain him for so long.  And then it's time for his go to toy--the water bottle. It works every time. When I pick up a half empty water bottle I become Richard Pryor. I shake it and he’s in stitches, especially if when I forget to put the cap on the bottle...

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