Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ear Infection

sleeping baby with nukMaybe it was pops rapping, or being back at daycare, but our little guy has come down with an ear infection.  The other day we noticed a waxy buildup around his left ear.  It was swollen and red and bothered him when changing. Now, for second and third time parents this may seem like run of the mill stuff.  But for me it was time to sound the alarm and call the doctor.

He wasn’t fussy or running a fever, the guy's a trooper. Even when he’s not feeling well he’s all smiles and giggles.  We thought he might be teething, but just to be sure we made the appointment to get it checked out. The next day I left work and drove to the doctor’s office where I hadn’t been since his first check up when he was three days old.  (I was, uh, busy when he had to get his shots).  I looked left and then right, perplexed by the well waiting and sick waiting doors at the entrance.  After some deliberating, I took a breath and pushed through the sick waiting to find my wife and son waving me in, not something I want to make a regular occurrence. 

While waiting to be called in, little Simon took in the sights. The colorful fish tank, the train making its rounds high above his head, the other kids, and then back to the train making its rounds, he bounced and giggled with each passing, smiling from ear to ear.  Ceiling fans may have met their match…

I was relieved when the doctor, a basketball buddy of mine, looked him over and said it was in fact and infection but should clear up in a few days, handing me a prescription and reassuring what must have been two very distressed parents.  Okay, maybe just one distressed parent, and one wide-eyed, neurotic, hyper-imaginative lunatic who was the subject of pointing and head shaking in the waiting room. 

Simon’s doing better already, laughing and cooing and making dad smile. Overall, I’d say we’ve had a good run in the wellness department, so I shouldn't complain.  But that doesn’t make his discomfort any easier. If I’ve learned anything in my seven months as a parent, it’s that there is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. Being a parent has introduced me to so many new feelings, not the least of which being the fear of walking through those sick waiting doors...


  1. This is one of those moments I dread. I just know the 1st time my baby runs a fever I'm going to freak out haha. Sounds like you guys went to the doctor before he got too bad which is awesome. Happy to hear Simon is doing better already :)

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