Monday, April 15, 2013

The Drop Off...

Well, we did it.  We dropped our son off at daycare.  It was extremely difficult, more so for one of us.  I of course was the strong one, holding Mom up as she nearly collapsed in the driveway, sobbing and moaning about all that is wrong in the world.  Get it together, I told her.  Always the rock I am...

It was time for tough love, and being that I'm the tough guy type, I had to keep things afloat.

DayCare blocksAs we walked in, my eyes scanned the place for any signs of danger. One kid immediately caught my attention.  He was staring at Simon as though he were a sparring partner.  Back off kid, I’ve got my eye on you.  We dropped off his belongings, and after my wife went through every detail about any possible combination of scenarios involving our son, we made our way to the door, trying not to linger.

We had driven separately.  I gave my wife a hug before we got into our cars--one strong, the other not so much. 

I’ll bet my wife cried as she drove off.  I’ll bet she tried to stop the tears from welling in her eyes. I'll bet her lips began to tremble with each passing mile as Sweet Child O Mine hummed softly on the radio.  I’ll bet the tears blurred her vision as she drove, resisting the urge to make a wild Uturn across four lanes of traffic.  Maybe even a group of construction workers began pointing and laughing from the four door crew cab beside her at a red light. She probably had to pull over to the shoulder of the road where she buried her face into her hands, balling incessantly as traffic zoomed by on the expressway. Afterwards, pulling into work, she may have sniffled and began composing herself before walking in.  Coworkers probably asked her what was wrong.  She may have told them that it was her allergies.  They're horrible this time of year. 
That’s probably what happened…

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  1. That's rough, brother. Kudos to you being strong. I'm an emotional wreck, so I would have cried plenty for both of us. I hope it gets better quick!

    The Cheeky Daddy