Monday, March 25, 2013

Where to, Son?

I often think about the places I want to take my son, and all of the things I want teach him.  But it hadn’t occurred to me where he may take me and what I may learn from him. 

He has already significantly expanded my comfort zone, and this is only the beginning.  Two months ago I had never held a baby for longer than it takes to snap a picture, these days it's the most natural thing I know.  Every morning I hold him against my chest, lifting my head so he can nuzzle his head under my neck just the way he likes. 

As a father, I have as much to learn from this growing ball of boy as I have to teach.  Every day, he’s letting me know what I’m doing wrong, and I’ve learned by trial and error what makes him tick.  So what else will he teach me?  Just this morning I learned a new color upon opening up my son's diaper. Not sure I'll be seeing that one in a Crayola box anytime soon.  

So where to today? Or tomorrow?  I have a feeling that he will have me doing things I never thought possible. For instance, a few days after he was born I felt weird carrying a breast pump machine through the halls of the hospital.  If I only knew what was coming.

Watching him smile and wiggle and grow I know that this part of the journey that I thought would be so long and arduous is actually happening all too fast.  Today I’m holding his tiny little bottom in my arms and tomorrow I’ll be helping him learn the alphabet.  And then Spanish homework, or basketball practice, maybe I’ll even coach, who knows?

Right now, I still can’t believe that he’s here, and that I helped create him. It all seems too amazing. 

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  1. In a time where I try to really appreciate each phase, I know what you mean. Watching my 'Lil Miss walk into school all by herself the the first time, seeing my 'Lil Man ride his first bike, and watching my Wee Lass crawl and sit up. It's all so cool, and reminds me why I got into this Royal Rumble called parenthood.

    The Cheeky Daddy