Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey, you’re a person!

I’m not sure when it happened, but my son is showing signs of a personality.  It's early yet, but yesterday as he was lying in his pack and play when suddenly, he looked up, his eyes wide and alert.  He smiled and gurgled something.  But it was something!
Wow, this stuff moves fast.
Only 8 short weeks ago today he was born and as March Madness has taken on a whole new meaning, I can’t imagine my life without him. I feel like I’m going to make a sandwich and turn around to find him backing out of the driveway in my car. 
So what have I learned as a father?  Well,

  • I’ve learned that hiccups get in the way of a good wail
  • I’ve learned how to hold a bottle, sort of.
  • I’ve learned that Nuks are like treats to the dog.
  • I've learned some new words to replace bad words.
  • I’ve learned to appreciate naps regardless of length or location.
  • I’ve learned that parenting is much harder than anything I have ever done.
  • I've learned that it's worth every second....most's worth it.
  • I’ve learned that there were feelings inside of me that I had no idea existed.
  • I've learned that I never get tired of watching him yawn. 
  • I’ve learned to change a diaper blindfolded in the dark like a boss.
  • I’ve learned that pee does not burn the skin
  • I’ve learned that my parents were right.
  • I've learned that infant hands are like little rooster claws.
  • I’ve learned that the sound of a breast pump can lull me to sleep.
  • I’ve learned that the sound of his breathing takes my breath away
  • I’ve learned that I like the zippers way more than the buttons
  • I've learned that I am parent material, which is good because he didn't really have a choice.
  • I’ve learned that my son is much tougher than I expected, not that I’ve dropped him or anything.
These are just a few of the things I have learned at the early stage in my son’s life, and I’m sure both he and I will be leaning many, many, more things together.  But for now, I am content to hold my little guy in my arms while I still can.


  1. He's so adorable! Congratulations and enjoy it - I know it's hard sometimes, but man - it goes by fast!

    1. Thanks Julie, It does fly, I'm finding out!

  2. It's amazing how the list grows exponentially as the weeks go by. Today I learned:
    - I can go for a walk holding two scooters and a beverage when the kids refuse to ride them halfway home.
    - A good firm #2 can be easily cleaned up from the play room floor, while a soft one cannot.
    - When a 6MO learns to army crawl, it's all over.
    - My 7YO wants to live in a house all by herself with her own stuff when she grows up, but concedes there will be no income to be had.

    Oh, the joys. I love your stories. We're in the thick of it, and it's nice to relate to another dad figuring it out, even if I've had two tries before. Keep it up.

    The Cheeky Daddy